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Our team doesn’t work with templates – your kitchen or bath will be custom designed for you. Sure, remodels can be overwhelming, but not here. We make this easy. It’s why our first consultation will be at your home, at the time of your choice. Need to meet on nights or weekends? No problem. We plan around your life from beginning to end. You’ll always know exactly what to expect, each step of the way.

Your Home, Your Dreams

One of our certified, award-winning designers will come to your home for a consultation. During this process, we’ll hear your wants, needs and dreams.

What’s Your Style?

Not just your style of home, but what’s your lifestyle? Are you the private type, or do you like to entertain? How big is your family? All of this information impacts your home’s style, too.

Showtime at the Showroom

Once we know the space, you can join our team at one of our expansive showrooms to talk about your options, including everything from floor to ceiling. If you know what you want, or have no idea – no worries. Our experts are here to help.

Time to Design

We’ll walk through your goals, and your budget, and once we have a solid game plan and agreement, we’ll move forward to design.

Selecting finishes and materials